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5 neurotech companies to watch at CES2023


At CES, the world's largest hardware exhibition, companies from large corporations to startups gather in a wide range of fields. With the end of the pandemic, more companies participated in CES 2023 than CES 2022, and the momentum was picking up.


The neurotech field is also thriving. The NeurotechJP team visited CES 2023 and conducted interviews with each neurotech company.


This article introduces five companies that are particularly noteworthy among them.

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1. Alphabeats

Alphabeats is a Dutch startup that provides mental training using neurofeedback for athletes. Athletes wear a headband-type EEG device and listen to their favorite music. Neurofeedback is performed by acquiring EEG at that time, and it is possible to improve sharpness and concentration in the mental aspect.

The company provides solutions to sports clubs, and coaches can analyze and improve athletes' mental performance.

They also partner with major electronic device manufacturers such as Philips and Garmin, who offer smartwatches.

alphabeats Image: Alphabeats at CES2023


Points to note

The company is expected to focus on developing software platforms while collaborating with hardware companies due to their business partnership with major device manufacturers such as Garmin. Therefore, service scalability is high, and business expansion to other fields, such as non-athletes, is also expected.


2. Wisear

Wisear is a French startup that offers an In-Ear type BCI called "Wisearphone". The Wisearphone has two electrodes that can pick up signals from the brain, eyes, and facial muscles, and they have developed noise processing algorithms and input mechanisms.

They are a company that focuses on device control and envisions ubiquitous hands-free function. Currently, they are mainly promoting partnerships in AR.

They will also provide input mechanisms that incorporate EOG (eye movement) and EEG (brain waves) signals in the future.

Wisear Image: Wisear Demo at CES2023


Points to note

Wisear is a company that operates in the field of Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) and prioritizes the development of user-friendly input mechanisms. Its strategy focuses on HCI research, such as hands-free and custom settings.



REVAI is a Canadian startup that develops electrodes and an AI platform that enables the vagus nerve stimulation technique through the skull. The company specializes in the development of the stimulation part and is a B2B2C startup that provides stimulation electrodes and platforms to headphone companies on a subscription basis. Neuro Modulation aims to improve wellness such as concentration through a 15-minute session a day with only one ear.

It is expected to establish a stimulation technique based on scientific knowledge through joint research with universities such as the University of Montreal, the University of Toronto, UC San Diego, and McGill University.

REVAI Image: REVAI at CES2023


Points to note

The fact that they develop electrodes in-house and provide technology to headphone manufacturing companies rather than consumer products has future potential as a B2B2C model. The basic structure of neurotech devices is to measure brain waves or physiological signals and exert their effects by analyzing them, so it is essential to have users use them for a long time. Therefore, it can be said that the ability to efficiently collect data through business partnerships with major headphone companies is a significant advantage.


4. Earable

Earable is a US-based startup that develops wearable electroencephalographs (FRENZ Brainband) that monitor neural activity and improve sleep and concentration/relaxation states.

FRENZ Brainband has a total of seven sensors, with five sensors in contact with the forehead and one sensor on each side behind the ears. It is also capable of providing sound stimulation through bone conduction.

In addition, after eight years of research and development by scientists at the University of Colorado Boulder, Earable holds multiple awards and more than 15 patents in machine learning algorithms, material science, and electrical engineering.

Earable Image: Earable Demo at CES2023


Points to note

What makes Earable excellent is its ability to provide real-time feedback during sleep, which directly promotes sleep improvement. There are many products and services for improving sleep, but they often remain indirect, such as checking sleep scores or mindfulness. In such a case, Earable's service allows for feedback during sleep through bone conduction, promoting improvement without the user exerting any effort.


5. Wearable Devices

Wearable Devices Ltd., an Israeli startup, is developing a band for smartwatches called Mudra Band, which has an EMG sensor attached to it.

Although there are many bands with EMG sensors, Wearable Devices' technology, called Surface Nerve Conductance, allows for significantly less artifact in EMG measurement compared to conventional models.

As a result, it is possible to measure only the EMG movements that the wearer intentionally makes, which was not possible with conventional EMG sensors. This is expected to lead to more accurate device control.

Wearable Devices Image: Wearable Devices Demo at CES2023


Points to Note

The fact that EMG is detected only when the wearer moves intentionally has the potential to go beyond mere noise reduction and contribute to next-generation device control. Therefore, this device can evaluate the wearer's intended movements, leading to more intuitive device control in the future. Additionally, this technology is highly promising as it is related to feedback-side device control that determines what electrical stimuli will make the wearer feel as if they are actually moving their own hand based on the knowledge gained from using this technology.


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This article introduced five neurotech startups showcased at CES2023.

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