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NeurotechJP banner Unlocking Focus with Enten from Neurable | Adam Molnar
Unlocking Focus with Enten from Neurable | Adam Molnar


On the first episode of Neurotech Daily, Toma interviews Adam Molnar, the Head of Partnerships and Co-founder of Neurable.

The link to the episode is here.


The podcast delves into the fascinating world of neurotechnology and its potential to revolutionize our lives. It also delves into Neurable’s latest product, Enten. Enten is a wearable device that utilizes electroencephalography (EEG) technology. The goal of Enten is to make EEG more accessible and user-friendly.

In this article, we will explore the key takeaways from the episode, highlighting Adam's insights and quotes.

enten.jpeg Image: Enten


Using Biomarkers to Improve Breaks and Focus

Adam discusses the use of biomarkers to help individuals take better breaks and improve their focus.

How can we use these biomarkers to help people take better breaks that people are actually not as good at taking breaks as they think they are.


He emphasizes that people often work themselves to exhaustion and are not as good at taking breaks as they think. Neurable aims to utilize intelligent biomarkers from brain activity to enhance well-being, destigmatize break culture, and improve overall productivity.


Hands-Free Control of Augmented Reality Systems and the Future of Neurable

Adam highlights the importance of hands-free control in augmented reality (AR) systems and the potential shift in computing paradigms with the rise of AR and virtual reality (VR). He mentions ongoing conversations and projects related to partnering with medical or clinical studies, indicating Neurable’s commitment to incorporating control features into their product.

For me, I think also hands-free control of augmented reality systems when they become ubiquitous will be very important.


Neurable’s Approach to Data Ethics and Privacy in Neurotech

Adam addresses concerns about privacy in neurotech and emphasizes Neurable’s commitment to data ethics. He assures that data collected will primarily be used for the benefit of the individual and that measures are in place to protect and safeguard the data. Compliance with regulations like GDPR and HIPAA is a priority for Neurable.

We want to safeguard it from the source, meaning the person, and then using that to enforce privacy considerations moving forward.


Making Brain Measurements Ubiquitous

The ultimate goal of Neurable is to make brain measurements more accessible, aiming to create a world without limitations. Adam envisions a future where neurotechnology becomes an equalizing force.

How can we use these devices, these tools, these systems to help overcome that and give ourselves some kind of an equalizing force?


The Neurable Discord serves as a platform for individuals to seek answers and engage in discussions.


In conclusion

Neurable, under the leadership of Adam Molnar, is at the forefront of the neurotech industry, harnessing biomarkers to enhance focus, well-being, and productivity. With a strong commitment to data ethics and privacy, Neurable aims to make brain measurements ubiquitous, creating a world where limitations are overcome.

We look forward to their future.


Hayato Waki


Toma Itagaki