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5 featured startups in Neurofeedback


Our brains are constantly evolving. Especially in childhood, the brain learns and evolves through first-hand experiences.

This change in the function and structure of the brain in response to stimuli is called "Neuroplasticity".

There are billions of pathways running through our brains that are accessed every time we think, feel, or act, and some of them are very fast. They correspond to habits, that is, established ways of thinking, feeling, and acting. However, when we think or learn something different, new pathways are opened up, and if we keep learning over and over again, our brain will use those pathways more frequently. As a result, the unusual thought, action, or learning becomes a new habit, which is how neuroplasticity works.

Neuroplasticity Image: Neuroplasticity

One way to realize neuroplasticity is a technology called "Neurofeedback, " which visualizes brain wave activity in real-time, and by training it, changes the brain waves and leads to self-regulation of brain functions.

As introduced in 10 Technologies Representing Neurotech - First Half -, neurofeedback can be used to treat various neurological disorders such as ADHD. In addition, neurofeedback can also be used to improve concentration and productivity at work.


In this article, we will introduce selected five startups that are developing unique solutions based on neurofeedback technology.


1. Myndlift

Myndlift is a startup that provides kits and applications for neurofeedback that can be used with the brainwave device Muse.

Myndlift Introduction Video: Myndlift Introduction


The application they provide allows you to train your brain through several games to improve concentration and relaxation effects. In addition, their proprietary device kit includes additional electrodes that can be worn in any position in addition to the electrodes on the Muse to enhance the accuracy of neurofeedback.

Furthermore, users can also take advantage of online sessions where they can receive monthly professional consultations.


The company's technology is in use at more than hundreds of neurofeedback clinics worldwide, and its training has been used in more than 300,000 sessions (approximately 7 million minutes).


Industry Neuroscience, Health Care
HeadquartersTel Aviv, Israel
Founded Date2014
Funding StatusSeed
Total Funding$2M


Reference: Crunchbase Myndlift


2. BrainCo

BrainCo is a startup that offers FocusCalm, a device that combines neurofeedback technology and an EEG headband to reduce stress with just a few minutes of daily use.

Brainco Introduction Video: FocusCalm Introduction


In FocusCalm, you can learn how to control your mindset by playing simple brain games and doing a few minutes of guided meditation every day in a unique application. It is mainly used by athletes and education facilities for its effectiveness in increasing productivity and motivation.

The EEG headset can be purchased for $200 and the application is available for $10 a month, making FocusCalm easily accessible to anyone. According to Dr. Wasifa Jamal's study, 21% of the users who used FocusCalm were able to improve their wellbeing at work.

The company is also offering an SDK development kit so that anyone can create applications using brain waves.


IndustryBiotechnology, Health Care
HeadquartersSomerville, Massachusetts, United States
Founded Date2014
Funding StatusSeed
Total Funding$6M


Reference: Crunchbase BrainCo


3. Sana Health

Sana Health is a startup that offers a device that uses innovative audio-visual technology to accelerate improvement in terms of physical recovery as well as mental health.

Sana Health Introduction Video: Sana Health Introduction


The company's device, "Sana Mask," provides audio-visual stimulation to increase the balance between the left and right brain and induce a state of deep relaxation.

In addition to a sensor that can measure heart rate, the mask has a built-in device that can transmit low-level light stimulation even when the eyes are closed. The device pulses light and sound with a specific algorithm and stimulates based on the individual's heart rate, thereby regulating the nervous system and providing a sense of security.


IndustryBiotechnology, Health Care
HeadquartersLafayette, Colorado, United States
Founded Date2015
Funding StatusSeed
Total Funding$18.4M


Reference: Crunchbase Sana Health


4. Healium

Healium is a startup that offers the world's first virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) platform that uses brain waves and heart rate to create wearable products for consumers.

Healium VR Image: Healium device


Healium AR/VR uses biometric information obtained from the Apple Watch and their proprietary brainwave device to display the user's emotional parameters on the VR/AR. Unlike mobile applications such as Myndlift described above, by providing an application on immersive VR/AR in Healium, users can more effectively self-manage to relieve stress and anxiety.

Healium UI Image: UI Screen in Healium AR


The peer-reviewed journals reported that Healium reduced moderate anxiety by a third in as little as four minutes.


IndustryAugmented Reality, Health Care
HeadquartersColumbia, Missouri, United States
Founded Date2015
Funding StatusNon-equity Assistance
Total Funding$1.4M


Reference: Crunchbase Healium


5. Neuromore

Neuromore is a startup that provides software tools that enable the use of neurofeedback independent of devices and platforms.

Neurmore Introduction Video: Neuromore Introduction presentation


The company provides a unified operating system across a world-class ecosystem of biosensors, hardware, software, service, and healthcare providers to integrate user experiences in ways never before possible.

Neuromore gif GIF: Example of using the Editor tool.


The editor tool provided by the company allows users to customize pipelines that connect real-time biosensor data with the algorithms and AI/machine learning methods provided by the company through drag-and-drop operations. This makes it possible to easily adjust and debug the required feedback metrics by creating an optimal flow cycle.


IndustrySoftware, Neuroscience
HeadquartersMiami, Florida, United States
Founded Date2014
Funding StatusSeed
Total Funding$800K


Reference: Crunchbase Neuromore



In this article, we have introduced five companies that have applied neurofeedback technology.

While the purpose of providing mental support is a common use case for neurofeedback, the uniqueness comes from how it is realized and what kind of interface is provided to the user.

We can expect to see more and more creative companies like Healium applying neurofeedback to VR, and others like Neuromore providing SaaS and platforms.


Hayato Waki


Hayato Waki